(some of) The brewery staff

I mentioned in my last post how wonderful, welcoming, and gracious Daimon-san has been towards us,  but everyone here at the brewery has been so friendly and helpful.   We are a mixed group of interns in terms of our Japanese ability, and the staff’s English ability is equally mixed, however this has not prevented things from going very smoothly.  We are learning, helping and experiencing sake brewing amongst these dedicated individuals, who really function as a whole, and what they are giving us is immeasurable.

There have been pictures posted of Daimon-san (owner and toji) and Kashira (head of the team) but I wanted to add a few photos of some of the other great people here.

Daimon-san (not-related) and Makine-san

Daimon-san (not-related) and Makine-san





The racoon brothers

The racoon brothers

Joking aside, the rice in the above photo was just steamed and had been spread out and unclumped to allow it to cool down to about 39 degrees Celcius.  It was then used to prepare a new yeast starter (moto). The two racoons carrying containers of sake are located on the Daimon brewery grounds and I think roam around at night, revelling.


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