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Back from a long holiday

I do apologize for the long lapse in posts, but I have been traveling for the past month: first for my sister’s wedding in Canada, and then out to the Western US to visit friends in WA and CA.  While I was home, I did make a stop in Toronto to meet with some potential saké importers and offer them samples of Sawanohana, the label of the brewery I now work for.  Below is one of their new symbols, used for their daiginjo (大吟醸) and junmai daiginjo (純米大吟醸) sakés:
One of the symbols of Sawanohana

One of the symbols of Sawanohana

The summer in Saku, Nagano is quite nice climate-wise, warm but comfortable during the day and cool at night (the elevation here is 700m), which is quite different from the hot, sticky weather in Tokyo.  A refreshing change.  The rice paddies are now a vibrant green, and the plants are now well over half a metre tall.  I will take some pictures to show you, soon.

A short post to let you know that this blog is not dead!  Again, sorry for the stagnation, I am determined to feed you lots of good saké information and updates about my progress at the brewery.  Thank you for those still reading.