Inside the brewery

The first two batches of sake (Honjozo) were pressed this week, and some was bottled yesterday to be sold as Nama Genshu (unpasteurized, undiluted sake, 19% alc).  Two more batches of Junmai Ginjo (純米吟醸) are fermenting away and will pressed in another 2 weeks. Tomorrow, we are starting a new yeast starter (moto) for the next batch of sake, a Junmai.  I will try and take lots of photos and post them here to give a detailed overview of the sake  make process- stay tuned!

Here is photo from the entrance to the brewery- the circular tank-looking thing on wheels is the ‘koshiki’, where the rice is steamed, and all the fermenting tanks are in the very back, into the darkness.  The koji is made up on 2nd floor. The press in the back right corner, not visible here.  The bottling is done in a room attached to the brewery, and all the storage is done in the 100-year old building I showed before.  This is where it all happens, and where I spend 6 days a week.

Inside the brewery

2 Responses to “Inside the brewery”

  1. 1 Will Auld January 3, 2010 at 03:10


    You are calling some of the batches Honjozo but have not said much about the added alcohol, amounts or where it comes from. Is this additional alcohol made at the kura or purchased?



    • 2 gjnewton January 10, 2010 at 01:08

      Hi Will,
      The brewer’s alcohol is purchased, not made at the brewery. The amount of alcohol added is 120 L per 1000 kg of rice, which is the limit (or very close to it) for Honjozo.

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